Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My character for 3d model

 This is a early version of the character I would like to change into a 3d model. This is a drawing on Flash and one that I used in a previous game story unit. This is the main villain's species in the series. They are called the Ashi.
This is the coloured version of my character so I know all the colours on it.

This is the attempted drawing of the back view of the character.
The front view. I tried to show on all drawings that the left front leg is slightly bent and the other front one is straight. I tried to imagine how it would look from all angles.
The side drawing below is a bit wrong because the head should be smaller like on the coloured one. It will look the same on the right side apart from the front legs being oposite.

After starting to model. I found it quite difficult to model the mouth open and the tail is also proving quite hard to do. So I found myself changing parts of the character. This doesn't effect my character concept as the creature is from a species called the ashi and they don't all look the same. In my game design unit there were a few ashi in a scene and they all looked a bit different. Some had different tails others had lighter purple skin colour and some had spiky spines ect... 
So when modelling I changed a few things and then drew it again to see how it looks in drawing now.

I haven't added the legs yet as I am planing to keep it the same as the other picture but I may need to change that too. I did it's mouth shut as I was having trouble with the shape of the open mouth. I started doing it with just using the top of the mouth but it looked a bit odd so I did a simple head shape and then added the other head inside so the teeth I had started to make stuck out at the sides. This means I had to do the mouth shut but some of the teeth are stuck out so it still looks menacing.  

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