Tuesday, 6 November 2012

3D Research

I based this research on the character I would like to produce in 3d. He is a long purple alien looking creature with big teeth, claws and ears. So I looked at a mix of realist alien creatures and more cartoon type creatures. Also they all have a similar feature to my character. I was also looking at a mix of skins and fur to decided what texture to use on mine. These 3d characters all have a similar feature to the one I am making.

Randall from monsters inc has the long body similar to my character. Randall has scaley skin because he is a lizard. I don't know what texture to have for my character although he does have a long lizard like body I'm not sure that this type of skin would fit it. 

My character isn't very similar to alien he is much more cartoony but beacuse it is a well known character and known baddie I wanted to look at it. My character has big teeth like any alien- like creature would have also I quite like the way the alien's skin is... its looks smooth but hard. It might be a possible type for my character but I'm still not certain about it yet. But also now I think my character is a bit closer to an animal then an alien but it's useful to look at both.
Now this is a completly different 3d character. It's a digimon. The reason I'm looking at this one in my research is because like I said my creature looks a bit more animal-like then alien-like. It has a similar head shape and colour. But I was looking at a different skin type again. The digimon looks more fury. I'm not sure if that would be right for my character. It may be more animal-like but I'm not sure if it would fit my character.
This big 3d monster I found has a closer skin type to what I might want. Its just like plain skin texture without fur or scales so this would be the most likley one that I would use. It also has some spines on its back like my character has.

I know this picture isn't 3D but I think this might of inspired me to do a creepy baddie like I did. Watership down always had this odd art style to it and the black rabbit of inle is always a character I remember the look of. A rabbit with red eyes and no pupil I always thought was very disturbing and creepy. So when I look at my characters that I have made for my game project I notice that the baddie has long ears almost like a rabbit and it has pure red eye without any pupils. The black rabbit of inle is like the grim reaper for rabbits and since I always thought it was scary looking (especially the eyes) I think the look of it must of partly inspired some of my characters.   

This 3d model I found is quite a good one to look at for mine. The four legged postion it is in will be similar to how my one stands. So it's useful to look at and how prehaps I may have to slightly extend the legs of mine to make it look right in 3d. Its clawed feet are also a similar feature to my character.

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